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After 90+ years of ministry we have a very rich history touching thousands of lives, bringing christians together, helping form their faith and sending them out into the world.

We originally started as Camp Wah Shunga and later moved to our current site: Tomah Shinga.   You might hear people call us LOMAK; that's us, too.  It stands for Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Association of Kansas (yes, we know it's a mouthful).

It has been a great journey and we are excited to share our ever expanding story with you on our Timeline.



People ask why we work at camp, and we tell them.. 


How? There are many ways that camp can serve you, your family, and your congregation.  Here are the most common:

There are also a couple quick ways to get involved right away.




As a growing ministry we are always looking at how we can improve.  People just like you are getting involved to help us move into the future of Outdoor Ministry by helping us with...

...and through their help we are moving forward into a brilliant tomorrow. 

We love to dream about where the camp can go and we want you to dream with us.