Camp Tomah Shinga

...providing opportunities for all ages to experience Christ’s love, grow in faith and serve God!

Opportunities to experience Christ in the beauty of the Flint Hills

Thank you for choosing to support the ministry of Camp Tomah Shinga!

With so many exciting new things happening as well as all of the traditional things that make Tomah Shinga special your support is incredibly vital to our ministry.  By choosing to financially support Tomah Shinga you are ensuring that we continue to offer creative, effective and fun opportunities for youth and adults to grow in their faith.  We never turn anyone away because of financial hardship so your support will also ensure that everyone who wants to attend camp can have the same opportunities as others more financially blessed.

Individual gifts are an amazing expression of generosity to Camp Tomah Shinga.  Thank you!  If you would like please take a moment to  consider organizing a special offering at church, having a youth fund raiser to sponsor a camper or invite friends and family to help support this amazing ministry.  Every gift is deeply appreciated no matter the size and the more folks that support us the more people we can serve!

Please take a moment to fill out the information below.  We want to be able to thank everyone who supports our ministry so please let us know who you are!

Checks can be sent to:

Camp Tomah Shinga   7821 East Lyon Creek Road   Junction City KS  66441

Thank you for your support of this wonderful place and ministry!  It is deeply appreciated and is truly a gift that will bless many, many people!

God Bless,


Jacob Spilker, Interim Executive Director

Camp Tomah Shinga Board of Directors

and a very special thanks from everyone who has been to camp as well as all of those who will get to come to camp because of your generosity!

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