Explore Creation.

Here at Tomah Shinga, we strive to use our over eight-hundred acres in the beauty of the Flint Hills to show our children the beauty of God’s Creation. Our campers come from all walks of life, from those who spend most of their time outdoors to those who have never been around a campfire before. The beauty of camp is providing a space in which each child can explore the creation around them in a deeper way than regular life.

Build Community.

We have campers from all different backgrounds and lifestyles here at camp, and we are proud of the ability to build a community with a foundation on Christ. By the end of the week, our campers find themselves with new connections and bonds to people who they may have never had the joy of experiencing in their daily lives. From our village-groups to our all-camp games to our worship each morning and night, Camp Tomah Shinga strives to build a community of campers and staff with relationships that last for summers to come.

Grow Faith.

As a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Camp Tomah Shinga builds our programs to grow faith in God. Our programing centers around the grace He provides us each day, and we at camp work to give each other the same grace. By the time Friday rolls around, we strive to provide each camper the tools and opportunities they need to deepen their relationship with God.

To read more about the foundations of our faith beliefs, feel free to explore the ELCA church foundations linked below: