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Why a race...

Camp Tomah Shinga Disaster Response and Westwood Houses at KU  believe in helping people in need.  We think partnering together for this race and other events is a great way to raise awareness, raise money and help people.  You can have fun and change lives at the same time.

Why a chili cook-off...

The same reasons as the race.  And everyone racing will be hungry afterwards. The chili cook-off is a great way to involve people who might not be in the race but want to be a part of the fun while changing lives through supporting the chili cook-off.  You don't need to enter a chili to come to the cook-off!  Pay a small fee for all you can eat chili and help support us!  Get as many friends to come as well!


How it works

Find a team of four to compete in the race.  One runner, one biker, two to paddle the river.  The entry fee is $50.00 if you also enter a chili in the cook-off.  Without chili the entry fee is $75.00.  Find some people to sponsor you, make a batch of chili or both.  Get as many of your friends, families or businesses involved as possible.  The more people involved the more people we can help through Disaster Response and Westwood House food programs.  There will be a prize for the race team that brings the most supporters to the event, so if you find a few people to pay the $50.00 entry fee and a group of folks or a business to make the chili for the cook-off and they show up for the event you will be ahead of the game.  Imagine a crowd of your friends cheering as the race starts and waiting for you at the finish line!  People participating in the race eat for free.

Everyone gets to vote for their favorite chili and there will be a panel of Judges as well.  There will be one Peoples Choice award and a Judges Choice award.


What are Disaster Response and Westwood House food programs?

Disaster Response at Tomah Shinga seeks to train individuals and groups to respond to traumatic events that cause serious disruption of peoples lives.  Tornadoes, floods and fires are examples.  Trained volunteers can offer support and rebuilding efforts.  By racing or entering a chili, you help support this effort.

Westwood House at KU food programs include a free meal every Thursday night, hosting a food cupboard for people in need with Campus Cupboard and purchasing food and hosting volunteers to prepare meals for the rotating homeless shelter in Lawrence.  Well over one hundred meals are served a week.  By being a part of this event you are helping feed people, sometimes people who don't know where their next meal will be coming from.

If you are not able to enter a chili or a team for the race please come to the event and have some great chili.  Everyone is welcome!  You can help by letting people know about the event.  Print a poster here and help us get the word out!


This will be a great day of friendly competition, great food and everyone supporting a couple of amazing programs.  Click below for printable race details, printable chili cook-off rules and online registration.