The individual listed below would like to join us this coming summer as a part of the Tomah Shinga Summer Ministry. Because we assume an enormous responsibility for other people’s children, We want to be sure the people we hire as Tomah Shinga staff are indeed the quality role models they appear to be. We would appreciate honest opinions. Often a small negative that you would prefer to overlook proves, under further scrutiny, to be just that - a small, correctable quirk. On the other hand, it could conceivably connect to some other incident, something serious, that we wouldn't have suspected. If you do not know the applicant in a camp setting, answer the questions from your own frame of reference.

Name *
Responsible? *
Trustworthy? *
Organized? *
Acceptable of differences *
Teachable? *
Able to follow directions? *
Able to delegate/direct others? *
Eager to learn? *
Self starter? *
Adaptable and flexible? *
Driven? *
Smiles and is friendly? *
Positive first impression? *
Comfortable with self? *
Fun? *
Able to complete projects? *
A team builder? *
Mature? *
In what capacity? *