Romans 12.13

"Share with the Lord's people who are in need.  Practice hospitality."

At Tomah Shinga we strive to be a place of service.  We see our summer campers, retreat guests and all of the people who share in our ministry as fellow travelers in need of a place and time apart to rest, grow in faith and grow closer as the body of Christ.  We also know that our ministry cannot just be about this place.  We want to live out the Great Commission and go into the world with all that we have been given and make disciples while serving, sharing, and practicing hospitality.   If you or your organization would like to discuss ways to partner with Camp Tomah Shinga please contact us at any time.  We would love to discover new ways to use our resources to be a positive force in the world!

Our partnership with All Things New ministries

All Things New grew out of a passion to help rebuild communities affected by natural disasters.  Hal Shope, Executive Director and Dr. Marianne E. Zotti, Associate Director have built a ministry that works with young people to train them in the critical skills needed to respond to all the various issues when rebuilding after a destructive event.  Not only do students learn nuts and bolts things like basic construction, but they are also equipped to do intakes, surveys, and other critical clerical services needed in order to serve folks affected by a disaster event.  Most importantly, students learn how to listen.  How to allow victims to heal through telling their story.  How to help people process all of the emotions that come with dealing with a traumatic event.  These are all critical  skills needed when responding to natural disasters, but are all skills that can be used every time a student or a group of students serves in their own community.  This program creates students that can go into any community in need at any time and make a difference.