Summer Camp

We want to help you have the best possible experience before, during and after your summer camp stay.  Because of that we want to answer all of your questions that you may have whether this is a first time camp experience or you are a veteran of summer camp.  If your questions aren't answered here, please call or e-mail at any time and we would be happy to help!

Registration opens January 1st, 2019!


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Registration Process


   Health History Form

Ropes Course Release Form

Camps fill up on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to register early! 

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

Click here for a printable packing list and other information about your child coming to camp


The cost for each week varies on length of stay and other factors.  Costs are listed on the printable schedule.  Scholarships are available and we will never turn a young person away due to financial issues.  Please call or e-mail Jacob and we will make sure the issue is resolved.  There is a sibling discount which you will receive $20 off each child from your family.  Register by April 1 and receive $50 off of the camp fee with our early bird special. 

Drop-off and pick-up times

Registration is from 3:00pm - 4:00 pm on Sunday. 

When your campers week has come to an end (Friday for full weeks or Tuesday for mini weeks) we hope that you will join your camper and us at 12:00pm for lunch. From there, we will have a closing worship at 1:15, then you will depart around 2:00pm. 

Camp Descriptions


This is a 3 day, 2 night program that is designed to gently introduce younger campers to all the fun and excitement that summer camp has to offer. Explorers will enjoy traditional camp activities such as bible study, swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, team building games, morning worship, evening campfires and much more! 


This program is designed for new and returning campers who are ready for a fun and exciting week of camp. Pathfinders will enjoy traditional camp activities such as archery, swim- ming, hiking, arts and crafts, bible study, morning worship and evening campfires. They will also be introduced to new options such as, team building elements, high ropes, and much more! 


This program is designed for new and returning campers who are ready to take their camp experience to the next level. Trailblazers will enjoy all of the traditional camp activities, as well as high ropes, canoeing on Lyons Creek, and other special activities reserved for our older campers.  

Confirmation Camp

This program is a dynamic, weeklong camp made possible by a partnership between pastors, youth workers and the Tomah Shinga Staff. Campers spend their mornings participating in faith-building talks and team building activities. Afternoons are spent enjoying all traditional camp activities that Trail Blazers enjoy, and evenings are filled with special worship opportunities only offered to confirmation campers. 


All Things New Village

All of our Trailblazers and Confirmation campers will get the privilege of staying in our newest site addition to Camp Tomah Shinga. The All Things New Village provides an all new environment to camping at Tomah Shinga. Campers will sleep on cots inside yurts, and will get the chance to enjoy food cooked by a Food Dude over the fire through the week.



This program is designed for new and returning high school aged campers who are looking to grow in their faith, make life long friendships, and try new things. Along with the traditional camp activities, they will enjoy activities specific to them. They will enjoy spending their nights in tents, as well as get the opportunity to cook meals over the fire. Pioneers will dive deep into calling and discernment as they begin thinking of their futures. 


Family Camp

This program is designed for families who want to enjoy the camp experience together. They will get to participate in all of the traditional camp activities. This camp provides a faithful foundation for the family. 


Family Camp

This program is 3 days 2-nights of an unforgettable experience for your family. It will be a jam packed time full of activities such high ropes, swimming, canoeing, and much more!


Our staff go through a rigorous two week training process where we go in depth about everything from bible studies to emergency response situations.  All of the staff are first aid and CPR certified and have completed back ground checks.  Our ropes instructors are certified as well as our life guards.  Staff are mostly college age and have completed at least one year of college or are at least 19 years old.  We do have counselors in training that may be in high school, but they are used in age appropriate settings.

High Ropes Course

Not all ages can participate in all of the elements on the ropes course.  The more difficult elements are used by only the oldest youth, but all ages can use the climbing wall provided they are in good health and can appropriately use a climbing harness.

Bible Study Guide for Pastors and Adult Leaders

We want you to be familiar with what we are teaching. We will post a bible study guide that you can print off and share.  Please use it as you see fit.  If you are a Pastor leading students in a bible study for confirmation camp it could be helpful to know the theme for the summer as well as the theme verse for each day.  Every Pastor and adult leader will be given time each day to be with your students to teach material you bring or share in the teaching of our themes.  If you choose not to teach or use the ninety minutes that is o.k. too!  We are happy to accommodate your teaching needs whatever they may be.  Contact Jamie if you have any questions.  We will set aside ninety minutes every day for you to spend with your students for study, casual time together, or activities you would like to do with your students.  Let Jacob know if you would like more or less time, we can work with your needs.  If you are attending a confirmation camp feel free to contact Jacob for a list of other adult leaders and Pastors if you would like to work together to cover the teaching of materials.