As a Thrivent member you have access to a number of great services and professionals who are able to guide you through all of your financial needs.  Thrivent has been working on a new program called Thrivent Action Teams. The member must fill out an on line application for a $250.00 gift card. The grants can be used for a number of different projects. The idea is to get members working together to build community. We have a number of different opportunities for you to get a group together and complete a meaningful project out here at camp! Working together as a community we will continue to grow our facilities at camp. Please contact us and we will give you a large list of different projects that your groups can work on! Everything from building benches, gardens, and worship sites to bringing a group out to help with an activity out here at camp. This is an innovative new idea, and it is a benefit to all Thrivent members! Let's work together and take advantage of this incredible opportunity!