Camp Tomah Shinga

...providing opportunities for all ages to experience Christ’s love, grow in faith and serve God!

Opportunities to experience Christ in the beauty of the Flint Hills

There are many needs here at camp and we are so grateful for any and all donations we receive. Please see the lists below for our current needs.

If you feel moved to donate items or monetary funds for us to purchase these items, please contact Ben at


Items Needed for Operation

  1. Mini Vans
  2. Large Air Compressor
  3. Category 1 Brush Hog
  4. Zero Turn Lawn Mowers
  5. Silverware (125 sets)
  6. Professional Cooking Knives
  7. Printer
  8. Wasp/Bug Spray
  9. Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
  10. 40 Gallon Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Items Needed for Programming

  1. Hammocks
  2. Open Fire Cooking Equipment
    1. Cast-Irons
    2. Pie Irons
    3. Griddle
    4. Heavy Duty Tongs
    5. Dutch Ovens
  3. Gallon cans of white paint
  4. Potting Soil
  5. colored paint
  6. Tye Dye
  7. Friendo string
  8. Glue
  9. Markers
  10. Paint Brushes
  11. Battery Powered CD player
  12. Kayaks and Kayak Paddles
  13. Bug Nets
  14. Caterpillar Tongs
  15. Hammocks
  16. Beanbags
  17. Rubber Dots
  18. Tennis Balls
  19. Para Cord
  20. 1 Inch PVC Pipes
  21. Hula Hoops
  22. Fun Toss-able Items (i.e. Rubber Chickens)