Traveling Day Camp

We want to partner with congregations starting with the youngest members.  We believe that Vacation Bible School can be a fun, exciting way to start to introduce children to exploring their faith.  We will arrive on Sunday for introductions and a few words and then kick off the week Monday morning.  We ask that you help gather some arts and crafts supplies so that our cost can stay as low as possible.  If your church has showers, staff are happy to stay right there.  If not, we ask that you find host families that would be willing to share space so that staff have a comfortable place to stay.  This is a wonderful way for our staff to get to know folks in your congregation!  Staff will also need meals for the week, but if your church has a kitchen facility staff can certainly make their own meals.  We encourage congregations to find host families for dinner time, we strive to build community in as many ways as possible.

We want to welcome all children who have completed pre-school through 4th grade.  If you have a tradition of inviting children younger or older than this contact Jamie and we can build in some additional staff to accommodate your needs.  We will send a registration package that you can copy and give to parents.  There will be important health forms that will need to be completed and also a release form that must list any and all individuals that are authorized to pick children up at the end of the program.

 We love volunteers, especially middle school and senior high students who can help out throughout the day!  Three volunteers is a great start but we would like to see at least five.  They can be a great help in this ministry!

If you are a smaller congregation please consider teaming up with another congregation or opening up VBS to the community.  This can be a great outreach tool in your community and as always, the more the merrier.

We have limited space so consider registering as early as possible.  Weeks for Traveling Day Camp start May 31-June 6 continuing through July 19-July 24.