Camp Tomah Shinga

...providing opportunities for all ages to experience Christ’s love, grow in faith and serve God!

Opportunities to experience Christ in the beauty of the Flint Hills

What's this summer camp thing all about?

If you are thinking about sending a kid to summer camp for the first time we are sure you have MANY questions about what to expect.  It's very hard to boil down camp to one paragraph – Camp is an opportunity to get away from the world so we can grow as a person and in faith together.  

The heart of our ministry beats with two core ideas: the Gospel of Jesus and Meaningful Relationships.  These two form the foundation for everything we do, and they are also what sets us apart from many other summer opportunities.  

If we don't answer all your questions below call us!


Wait, can I come to camp?

e have several amazing opportunities for kids (and not kids) to come to come experience Tomah Shinga with us for the Summer.

We break up our programming into age groups:

  • Completed 1st - 3rd grade.
  • Completed 4th - 6th grade.
  • Completed 7th - 8th grade.
  • Completed 9th - 12th grade.


What happens at camp?

Students of all ages come to Tomah Shinga for summer “CAMP,” and for over 80 years this has been our mainstay camp program.  Camp Tomah Shinga is nestled within 840 acres in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas.  It’s a great place for campers to get away from the distractions of a busy summer and look for God’s presence in nature, in the friends they meet, and in spiritual activities like Bible studies, prayer and praise, and time alone with God. 

Students stay in cabins equipped with restrooms, showers and air-conditioning.  Each student becomes a member of a village – a group of like age students led by one of our counselors.  Campers can look forward to great food, swimming, hiking, age appropriate use of the challenge course, campfires, Bible studies,  sing-alongs, and building great friendships. (See the schedule to the right for a typical day at Camp Tomah Shinga.) As campers mature, more and more adventure is added to their CAMP experience.  These might include camping out farther from the cabins or more challenging ropes course elements.

A typical (if that's possible) day of camp...

7:30 Alpha - Morning Worship
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Songfest
10:00 Challenge Course
11:00 Bible Study
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Feet on Bunk Time
1:30 Shopping in the Camp Store
2:00 Swimming
3:00 Snow Cones 
3:30 Hiking
4:30 Arts and Crafts
5:00 Village Game
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Time Alone with God
7:00 All Camp Game
8:00 Snack
8:30 Omega - Evening Campfire
9:00 Devotionals in the cabin